Top 5 Reasons To Trust a Midea

Buying a new appliance is an act of trust. Many of us have been burned before, having bought a new washing machine or refrigerator only to have it break down just outside of the warranty. Once we finally find a reliable brand we tend to trust that brand throughout our homes. It can take a lot to switch loyalties but there’s a brand new brand in the game that won’t have you risking heartbreak: Midea.

“I’ve literally never heard of Midea,” I hear you say. Well, allow me to introduce you.

Here’s our top 5 reasons to trust a Midea appliance in your home:

  • Longevity
    • Established in 1968, producing bottle lids and car parts, Midea moved into the realm of finished goods manufacturing electric fans in 1980. In 1985 Midea exploded into the air conditioning market. Quickly finding their foothold Midea became the largest HVAC manufacturer in China.
    • Through the 2000s Midea made appliance parts and eventually started building their own complete appliances soon after. Leveraging the same innovative research and engineering that earned them a dominating role in the HVAC realm, Midea products now pose serious competition to better known brands like LG and Samsung.
  • Growth
    • Since its inception, Midea has demonstrated its ability to compete and grow despite the massive rival companies in the industry. In 2011, Midea made its way onto the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and has continued to grow into one of the most successful private companies in China and around the world.
  • Awards
    • Midea placed 17th in the BrandFinance® “China 100” ranking in 2010
    • Ranked No. 6 in China for Most Valuable Brand from the R&F Global Ranking in 2011
    • Ranked 436th in Forbes Top 2000 Enterprises in the World in 2015
    • Ranked 32nd in China’s Top 500 Enterprises by Fortune in 2015
  • Values
    • Midea displays their commitment to going green with their wide selection of energy efficient and Energy Star rated appliances.
    • Read about how Midea produced the world’s first Eco-Friendly air conditioner to be certified by Blue Angel here.
  • Value
    • “Midea believes in creating value through responding rapidly to market demands, cost-efficient operations and consumer satisfaction,” according to their website.
    • You can look to their line of laundry appliances for proof: Midea offers the same breadth of settings and features as LG and Samsung, often with their own unique improvements, without the deep costs, improving accessibility to high-end appliances for lower-income families.


Midea is out to prove themselves in the brutal American appliance market.  If, after all this, you’re still nervous about trusting your home appliance needs to a newcomer, Midea offers a 1 year warranty on all of their home appliances and an outstanding 10 year warranty on most of their motors. So, maybe consider switching brands and saving a few hundred bucks. For their part, Midea does all they can to reduce the risk of heartbreak for those who take a chance on their brand.