Top 5 Reasons To Trust a Midea

Buying a new appliance is an act of trust. Many of us have been burned before, having bought a new washing machine or refrigerator only to have it break down just outside of the warranty. Once we finally find a reliable brand we tend to trust that brand throughout our homes. It can take a lot to switch loyalties but there’s a brand new brand in the game that won’t have you risking heartbreak: Midea.

“I’ve literally never heard of Midea,” I hear you say. Well, allow me to introduce you.

Here’s our top 5 reasons to trust a Midea appliance in your home:

  • Longevity
    • Established in 1968, producing bottle lids and car parts, Midea moved into the realm of finished goods manufacturing electric fans in 1980. In 1985 Midea exploded into the air conditioning market. Quickly finding their foothold Midea became the largest HVAC manufacturer in China.
    • Through the 2000s Midea made appliance parts and eventually started building their own complete appliances soon after. Leveraging the same innovative research and engineering that earned them a dominating role in the HVAC realm, Midea products now pose serious competition to better known brands like LG and Samsung.
  • Growth
    • Since its inception, Midea has demonstrated its ability to compete and grow despite the massive rival companies in the industry. In 2011, Midea made its way onto the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and has continued to grow into one of the most successful private companies in China and around the world.
  • Awards
    • Midea placed 17th in the BrandFinance® “China 100” ranking in 2010
    • Ranked No. 6 in China for Most Valuable Brand from the R&F Global Ranking in 2011
    • Ranked 436th in Forbes Top 2000 Enterprises in the World in 2015
    • Ranked 32nd in China’s Top 500 Enterprises by Fortune in 2015
  • Values
    • Midea displays their commitment to going green with their wide selection of energy efficient and Energy Star rated appliances.
    • Read about how Midea produced the world’s first Eco-Friendly air conditioner to be certified by Blue Angel here.
  • Value
    • “Midea believes in creating value through responding rapidly to market demands, cost-efficient operations and consumer satisfaction,” according to their website.
    • You can look to their line of laundry appliances for proof: Midea offers the same breadth of settings and features as LG and Samsung, often with their own unique improvements, without the deep costs, improving accessibility to high-end appliances for lower-income families.


Midea is out to prove themselves in the brutal American appliance market.  If, after all this, you’re still nervous about trusting your home appliance needs to a newcomer, Midea offers a 1 year warranty on all of their home appliances and an outstanding 10 year warranty on most of their motors. So, maybe consider switching brands and saving a few hundred bucks. For their part, Midea does all they can to reduce the risk of heartbreak for those who take a chance on their brand.

Top 5 Causes of Dryer Fires and How To Avoid Them

7 people die every year from dryer fires. Fire departments respond to an average of 13,820 house fires every year that started with a dryer causing approximately $233 million in property damages annually and about 344 civilian injuries. The good news is all this can be prevented.

Here are the top 5 causes of dryer fires and what you can do to avoid a disaster in your home.

  1. Failure to clean (32%)

One third of all dryer fires start because of a failure to keep it clean. There are three parts to your dryer you need to check frequently for lint buildup to keep your dryer breathing properly and clear of flammable material.

    • Lint screen
      • Clean the lint screen every time you use your dryer either before or after use. The lint screen may be at the top of you dryer toward the back, or on the front just inside the door. Clean this screen. Every. Single. Use.
    • Duct
      • The duct carries air from the dryer to the vent in the exterior of your home, either directly through a wall or via your home’s ventilation system. Ideally, hook your dryer up with a smooth metal duct. Most common are the ribbed foil ducts which can trap dust and lint in the folds and should be checked at least every 3 months for any obstructions. Never use a plastic duct that can catch fire or a home-made solution with screws that can snag lint and cloth. These are a major fire hazard!
    • Vent
      • The vent outside your home can become clogged from lint and dust just like the duct but is also vulnerable to elements from the outside world. If a bird has nested in your vent, your dryer is at risk! Make sure your vent has a covering that swings to allow airflow from the inside. If you notice your dryer taking longer to dry clothes and your duct is clear, check the vent for any blockages.


2. Mechanical Failure (27%)

If you notice any changes in the performance of your dryer be sure to get it checked! Never run a dryer that is experiencing mechanical issues. Get a professional to perform any repairs to keep your dryer in good working condition or check YouTube for tutorials on simple repairs you can try yourself. Local appliance stores like Appliance and Mattress Center in Columbus, Ohio, can help you test components and match them to make sure you get the correct part for your appliance.


3. Electrical Failure (16%)

Make sure you have the correct power cord for your dryer and your outlet. Dryer cords come in 3-prong and 4-prong and while they may resemble power cords for other appliances these may not be safe to use with your dryer. Your best bet is to buy a new power cord the same time you replace your dryer. When electrical problems arise be sure to call in the professionals.


4. Heat Source Too Close to Combustibles (6%)

Resist using the area around your dryer for storage, especially of any substances that may be flammable like paint thinner or lighter fluid. Likewise, avoid putting anything in the dryer that might be soiled with something flammable. Thoroughly wash out any combustible substances before putting these items in a dryer.


5. Equipment overloaded (3%)

Leave at least 6 inches clear from the top of the drum when filling the dryer with clothes to avoid over-burdening the appliance and its components. For more about overloading your laundry appliances check out this blog about just that.


Don’t let your laundry appliances become a hazard. Following these simple steps can help you live a long happy life with healthy and safe appliances in your home.

Is Overloading your Washer and Dryer Really That Bad?

We’ve all done it. We’ve got mountains of laundry and just one day to get through it all. And it’d be nice to have time to put our feet up after! So, we squeeze as many sheets, socks, sweaters and jeans into the washer as possible. Because that’s efficiency, right?

Here’s why it’s really not…


Overloading Consequences:

Unwashed clothes

When all the space inside your washer is taken up with clothes there is little room for the water and detergent to mix and circulate properly. What you end up with is a spotty clean throughout your load: some clothes have bleachy streaks from too much detergent, other items will still have stains on them from too little detergent. The fix? Wash them again in smaller piles. Time wasted.

Torn and missing clothes

Sometimes you’ll find items coming out mangled when you overload. The inside of your washer is metal which doesn’t play nice with fabric. Without space between items allowing water to help them move around, clothes push and catch on the interior components or get shoved down into the drainage system. We’ve all wondered what happens to that missing sock. Now you know.

Dead appliances

Overloading your washer and dryer puts excessive strain on essential components like the motor and circuitry. To move heavier loads the appliance expends greater energy, meaning the electronics need to conduct more electricity leading to burned out parts. Additional strain on the motor causes overheating, and once that motor burns out you’re looking at some hefty repairs or replacing the appliance entirely.


Proper Loading Technique.

The capacity of your washer and dryer can be found in your instruction manual; you’ll find the manufacturer provides this in cubic feet. However, the real determining factor as to whether or not your laundry set can handle any given load is the weight. So here’s our guide:


A standard top-load laundry set has a capacity of about 4.1-4.3 cubic feet in the washer and 6.7 cubic feet in the dryer. These units can handle around 12 pounds of fabric weight.

Front-load sets come a little bigger, with washers around 4.5-5.5 cubic feet and dryers with around 7 cubic feet, able to handle around 15-18 pounds.

Extra-large front-load laundry sets have washers with at least 6 cubic feet and dryers at about 7.5 cubic feet. These can wash loads up to about 22 pounds.

For some perspective, a King size comforter can weigh somewhere between 8 and 15 pounds. Something to consider when choosing your new washer and dryer!

If you want to protect your clothes and appliances be sure to leave at least 6 inches from the top of your load to the top of the drum. If you’re still concerned about weight, put your laundry in a thin bag like mesh or plastic and set it on a bathroom scale before filling your washer. This will guarantee your appliances a live a long life producing better results.

Top 4 Reasons To Choose A Convection Oven

There’s a lot of information circulating about convection ovens. Maybe you’ve heard that they dry out bread or burn easy recipes, leaving you with an expensive waste of money and a disappointing dinner.

It’s true, there are adjustments that need to be made, and convection cooking isn’t ideal for all dishes, but, as with everything, knowledge is power!


So what makes a convection oven different, anyway?

Simply put, convection ovens have fans that circulate the hot air around the interior of the oven cooking food faster at lower temperatures. Still ovens do not.

This results in 4 key benefits:

  • Save time
    • Cook times should be reduced by about 25% when following recipes, giving you more time to enjoy those delicious cookies or roasted veggies.
  • Save money
    • Cooking at lower temperatures for shorter amounts of time results in lower electricity bills. That’s just math.
  • Cook more evenly
    • Thanks to the circulation of hot air dishes cook more evenly. So whether you’re cooking 10 delicious cookies or 100, you should find them all beautifully browned.
  • Crisper outside with juicier inside
    • Air circulation also causes the outside to cook faster allowing the inside to better retain those wonderful juices, especially when cooking meat.


Tips for cooking with convection:

  • Reduce recipe cook times by 25%
  • Lower cooking temperature by 25 degrees
  • For artisan breads place a pan of water at the bottom of the oven for a perfect crust and fluffy interior
  • Turn off the fan completely for foods that start out wet, like muffins, soufflé or custard. Most convection ovens are built with this option but not all, so if you love those fresh-baked cupcakes, check the oven settings before you buy!


Finding the perfect oven doesn’t have to be difficult, and these days, time and money are more precious than ever. Convection cooking could just be the innovation you never knew you needed!

5 Reasons Speed Queen is Laundry Royalty

Speed Queen leads the laundry industry in dependability and quality as they have for over a century. Since 1908, Speed Queen have been dedicated to building washing machines with high functionality and reparability, forgoing fancy features that can end up costing consumers time and money when they malfunction.

Here are 5 reasons Speed Queen is the royalty of laundry appliances:

  1. Longevity

Speed Queen washers and dryers have been around since 1908. That’s nothing to sneeze at! The company has built a loyal following throughout with its consistent focus on quality and performance. These machines are built with repairs in mind, so when something does break, fixing it is no struggle.

  1. Heavy-Duty Performance

Built with premium materials and legendary heavy-duty drive motors, Speed Queens can handle larger, dirtier, heavier loads while maintaining balance and a superior wash. Rigorously tested, a single Speed Queen unit can provide 25 years of clean clothes and peace of mind.

  1. Industry’s best warranty

Thanks to their durability, Speed Queen can offer a 3 year warranty on basic models and up to a 7 year warranty for their higher-end sets. Outstanding protection for your investment!

  1. Faster wash cycle

A typical wash cycle takes around an hour, but, true to their name, Speed Queen gets the job done in 20-30 minutes.  What will you do with all the time you save?

  1. Made in the USA

Speed Queens are manufactured right here in America, Ripton, WI, to be exact, as they have been since 1908.


Whether you want to buy American or save time and money, Speed Queen offers it all and more! If you’re looking for unrivaled quality for your home appliances, look no further than a Speed Queen laundry set. Need more proof? Check out The Legend Video Streams on their website, where they test Speed Queen products with the most insane loads you’ve ever seen washed.

How Lease to Own Can Give You A Fresh Start

How Lease-To-Own Can Give You A Fresh Start



Many of us fall on hard times. Whether we’re getting our start fresh out of college, student debt and all, or restarting our lives from a devastating blow to our credit, sometimes we need a break. So how can you get the household appliances you need while building or rebuilding credit? Who’s gonna give you a break.


This is where lease-to-own options can be a real asset to your financial well-being. Services like those found at Acima, Kornerstone, Progressive, and Westcreek, run a soft check on your credit—which has no impact to your score or history—but that’s not what their approval is based on. They want to see an established checking account (90 days or older), and a 3-month history of regular income (which can include disability and social security checks). Your income is your credit.


And while credit score and history don’t play a role in approval, these leasing partners do report to credit institutions like TransUnion. Thanks to the easy repayment schedule this can really help to build credit or heal a soured score.


Additionally, these credit-forgiving partners offer a 90-day purchase option which allow you to avoid leasing fees if you pay off the purchase price of your item(s) within 90 days. This can save you big bucks, especially when compared to the fees and interest rates of popular credit cards and personal loans.


If the 90-day purchase option just doesn’t work out, these leasing partners offer flexible repayment options scheduled in accordance with your ability to pay. With outstanding customer service, their representatives work with you to help you build the home you work hard for.

New Appliances Vs Old Ones |Which ones Last Longer?

Woman check out an old stackable wash and dryer set

Woman check out an old appliance

The life expectancy of any kitchen or laundry appliance is usually about 12 years. If you are fortunate, it can take you for about 15 years before it gives up on you. Most new appliances today aren’t living up to that expectation and as a result customers are starting to pull away from new appliances and settling with the old basic versions. Even manufactures seem to have noticed that as well because warranty terms on new units have generally been reduced to only 12 months. Experts in the industry are blaming consumer behavior toward new home appliances on multiple things:

Why new appliances aren’t lasting as long as old ones?

One of the possible causes for this trend is the increasing hi- tech computerizing of these appliances. All parts of the computer system must work and depend on each other. Should one part go defective, the whole computer system will need to be replaced which is usually very costly. Besides racing each other for the best high tech appliance, most  manufacturers are focusing on making appliances use less energy and still achieve more. This race has made new appliances a bit too fragile and therefore vulnerable to breaking down early. The old ones are not designed to handle complicated jobs other than cool, wash, dry, freeze, warm etc. No touch screens, auto-defrosting, internet hook ups and the like.

Besides the increased technology, high efficiency appliances are also prone to electrical power surges which is one of the major causes of early break downs. Appliance dealers who educate their customers about using power surges are doing the right thing. Education in this area is important because many customers have a tendency to ignore buying surge protectors. The less tech savvy appliances are able to recover from surges better than the new sensitive ones.

Recommendation on the type of appliance to get

If you are looking to buy a new high efficiency appliance, go for it but be ready to provide extra care to help your new appliance last longer. You will need to read and follow instructions that come with them. Assumptions are not the same as instructions. Also make sure the brand you get are excellent when it comes to honoring their warranty. If the store allows you to buy extra warranty time, buy it. That will not hurt. Stay with your old brands if you like them. They get the job done.



Make your Grilled Meat Taste Awesome this Year

July 4th is right here. It’s time to show off your grilling skills. This year why not try something different? There are somethings you can do to get your meat in great shape before they Grill Day and also bring out it’s greatest taste. The first thing you need to is gently boil your meat with your choice of seasoning. I recommend you add some blended ginger, fresh basil leaves, and one or two Maggi cubes depending on how much meat you are using.

No need adding more salt since Maggis have some good amount of salt in them. Ask the supermarket person to show you where the Maggi cubes are kept. So once everything is in, leave the meat to cook gently. Be careful not to overcook it. The question now is how do I know when to to turn off the stove? You know the meat is cooked when you can rip it with your fingers. Once its done cooking get a plastic bowl and place it in to cool down. You can later leave it in the refrigerator till the G- Day. By the time you bring it out for grilling the meat will be very seasoned and flavored.

I prefer grilling my meat on grills that come with heat control. Some do their’s the old school way which is okay but you will have to keep a good eye on the meat so it doesn’t get burnt. When meats are burnt, the flavor inside it suffers terribly as well. Unless you are good at free style grilling, you might want to keep an eye on your grill so the meat comes out right.

There are some food supplements that brings out the good taste in other foods. For grilled meat, you should not leave out cooked corn on a cob. Have some black olives near by as well as. If you are a big fan of garlic, add some grilled garlic bread and you are well on your way to enjoy a wonderful grilled meat. Have a happy July 4th weekend.



Appliance and Mattress Center carries new and used appliances at competitive prices. Some are scratch and dent with factory warranty. We also offer No Credit Check Financing and same day delivery.












Buying Used Appliances from Columbus Ohio Stores

If you are planning on buying used appliances, be smart about choosing which store to go to. If you live in Columbus Ohio or within close proximity to the city, you should visit a local store, however, consider a few things. For example, [1] determine how much you are willing to pay and if you’ll need delivery or not?; [2] figure out how long you plan to keep the appliance, and [3] find out about warranty. I repeat ask for warranty! Buying a used appliance from a neighbor, co-worker or family member might seem like a short cut, but the risk of buyers rumors is quite high. It’s possible that some parts of the appliance may be at break down point at the time you buy it. How frustrating would you be if your appliance breaks down on you at the time you really need it the most? Choosing a good appliance store can save you the headache. Continue reading

new1DSCN1622Store offers and Warranty

When you think of store offers for used appliances, it’s not just about price, discounts, sales, and coupons only. Think about cleanliness, quality and warranty. Stores that offer good warranty are the ones that are doing the right thing because they are willing to stand by what they sell. 60 day warranty on a used appliance is quite an attractive warranty. If a used appliance isn’t good, it will likely break down within the first 40 days of use. It’s not in the best interest for a store to sell you junk because the buyer is going to come back to them.


Your location counts a little when it comes to delivery. Some stores charge you for delivery based on how far you live from the store. It is recommended that you buy from a local store if your delivery fees will be too high. In addition ask your store if they remove old appliances. Some other stores go a step further to buy appliances as well. Ask and ask; do not assume things or it could come back to bite you. Hope these tips help.


Get your next used appliance from Appliance and Mattress Center 1942 Parsons Avenue Columbus Ohio 43209 at a discounted price. Fridges, stoves, washers, dryers, freezers, microwaves available. AMC inspects appliance and rebuilds them to work at optimum performance. Call (614) 445- 8840.