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Some customers call it rent-to-own. Others call it lease-to-own. These 2 phrases mean pretty much the same thing. There are a few stores in Columbus Ohio that promote rent to own appliances and furniture. We have heard from customers who come to Appliance and Mattress Center and have told us of experiences they had with some of the major lease to own stores in the city. What we are hearing a lot is that financing with some of the rent to own places in town is expensive, takes a lot longer time to pay off and is creating buyers remorse.  We also heard about some repossession policies for delinquent payments that can make it a bit scary to subscribe to financing services.

We also Buy Used Appliances. Appliance and Mattress Center wants to be your alternative option for rent to own appliances and furniture. We work hard to take away all the fear of financing. We do not sent repo people to your door. We just make sure that we let customers know if they are capable of paying or if they will have problems down the road before they subscribe to it. We will not get you trapped in something you are not ready for. 

For example, we ask that you make a minimum of $1000 in income and also have a valid checking account that's been active for about 3 months. 2 or 3 overdrafts does not mean the end of the world. So if you make $800 a month, we will encourage you to try us next time when you have all the resources in place. We are not in a rush to sell you something that will get you in trouble down the road and also hurt our reputation with our affiliated financing companies we work with. Occasionally we will try to work something out for you if - let's say- your checking account is 2 1/2 months old or if you make less than $1000 but you have a relative who is willing to cover you with their account. Our goal is to make financing and rent to own appliances as easy and painless as possible.

 Give us a try. Stop buy our store if you are ready to buy appliance or furniture. You can also finance mattresses with us as well. We have helped close to a 1000 customers finance online and in-store. We look forward to serving you.