We deliver appliances, furniture and mattresses just about anywhere in the Columbus area. We can place and level your appliance for you. Our crew may not install your appliance in some cases given the conditions of the set up you have at home. If you are not clear about anything, please give us a call.  

We ask that you have a clear and safe path for our delivery team when they arrive for delivery. We will do our best to make sure that when the delivery team leaves your home, your product is in ready to use mode. Our delivery team has some limitations as to what we can hookup or install. They will hook up the hot and cold water intake hoses and the drain hose for the washer. They will do this provided the homeowners hook ups are operable and not rusted or broken. They will not remove any rusted or broken hoses. Electric dryers are provided with a 3 prong dryer cord and the dryer will be leveled and plugged in. The dryer vent hose is not provided or installed. They cannot hook up gas dryers or gas stoves. We will remove your old appliances at your request.

If you can come over to our store with your own truck, we can load up your appliance for free. We highly recommend that you have someone assist you unload your truck at home to avoid any possible damage to your appliance. Some of these appliances can be very heavy. Please let us know your option at the time of purchase.  Thanks..