Dishwasher Blues | Get Your Dishwashers Working Better

Have you ever started unloading your dishwasher only to realize your dishes were still dirty? Not only is this frustrating, but it’s also time consuming and costs more when you have to run the dishwasher for another cycle. Whether it’s an old one or a brand new, there are a few things you can do to help eliminate the problem.

Start by cleaning the inside walls: Grease, food, soap and calcium deposits have a tendency to build up on the walls. Solutions for this are as simple as running your dishwashers while empty and without detergent once a month or by filling your dishwasher with approximately 2 inches of water then adding a cup of white vinegar and finish running it through the cycle.

Clean the drain. Food and debri can get stuck in the drain. Make sure the drain is clear. Clean it if necessary. If you have a garbage disposal remember that it shares the same drain. Always run the disposal prior to running the dishwasher to clear out any food.

Are you using the right amount of detergent? Using too much detergent can cause residue to stick to your dishes resulting in the need to re-wash them.  However, using too little leaves you with unclean dishes. One solution is to purchase tablet detergent that are pre-measured and contains a rinse aid. Simply drop the tablet into the detergent cavity.  You can find these at most stores. If you need help determining the proper amount of detergent for your machine, consult your owners manual.

Water temperature plays an important role.  A simple test to check your water temperature is to turn on your kitchen water spout. The amount of time it takes for your water to heat up is the same amount of time it takes heat up in your dishwasher. This could mean your dishwasher could be struggling at the beginning of the cycle. For best cleaning results try to run your dishwasher at a time when no other hot water is being used in your home.

The sprayer arm has one of the most important jobs of your dishwasher. Take special care of it. When loading your dishwasher make sure to avoid placing long utensils in the sprayer arms path. If blocked the sprayer arm won’t be able to rotate properly thus, not doing its job. The holes of the sprayer arm can be a victim of calcium build up blocking the water from spraying properly. A strong toothpick inserted into the holes will unblock them.

Doing these simple tasks will give you peace of mind knowing your dishes will get clean with only one cycle.

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