Buying Used Appliances from Columbus Ohio Stores

If you are planning on buying used appliances, be smart about choosing which store to go to. If you live in Columbus Ohio or within close proximity to the city, you should visit a local store, however, consider a few things. For example, [1] determine how much you are willing to pay and if you’ll need delivery or not?; [2] figure out how long you plan to keep the appliance, and [3] find out about warranty. I repeat ask for warranty! Buying a used appliance from a neighbor, co-worker or family member might seem like a short cut, but the risk of buyers rumors is quite high. It’s possible that some parts of the appliance may be at break down point at the time you buy it. How frustrating would you be if your appliance breaks down on you at the time you really need it the most? Choosing a good appliance store can save you the headache. 

new1DSCN1622Store offers and Warranty

When you think of store offers for used appliances, it’s not just about price, discounts, sales, and coupons only. Think about cleanliness, quality and warranty. Stores that offer good warranty are the ones that are doing the right thing because they are willing to stand by what they sell. 60 day warranty on a used appliance is quite an attractive warranty. If a used appliance isn’t good, it will likely break down within the first 40 days of use. It’s not in the best interest for a store to sell you junk because the buyer is going to come back to them.


Your location counts a little when it comes to delivery. Some stores charge you for delivery based on how far you live from the store. It is recommended that you buy from a local store if your delivery fees will be too high. In addition ask your store if they remove old appliances. Some other stores go a step further to buy appliances as well. Ask and ask; do not assume things or it could come back to bite you. Hope these tips help.


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