5 Reasons Speed Queen is Laundry Royalty

Speed Queen leads the laundry industry in dependability and quality as they have for over a century. Since 1908, Speed Queen have been dedicated to building washing machines with high functionality and reparability, forgoing fancy features that can end up costing consumers time and money when they malfunction.

Here are 5 reasons Speed Queen is the royalty of laundry appliances:

  1. Longevity

Speed Queen washers and dryers have been around since 1908. That’s nothing to sneeze at! The company has built a loyal following throughout with its consistent focus on quality and performance. These machines are built with repairs in mind, so when something does break, fixing it is no struggle.

  1. Heavy-Duty Performance

Built with premium materials and legendary heavy-duty drive motors, Speed Queens can handle larger, dirtier, heavier loads while maintaining balance and a superior wash. Rigorously tested, a single Speed Queen unit can provide 25 years of clean clothes and peace of mind.

  1. Industry’s best warranty

Thanks to their durability, Speed Queen can offer a 3 year warranty on basic models and up to a 7 year warranty for their higher-end sets. Outstanding protection for your investment!

  1. Faster wash cycle

A typical wash cycle takes around an hour, but, true to their name, Speed Queen gets the job done in 20-30 minutes.  What will you do with all the time you save?

  1. Made in the USA

Speed Queens are manufactured right here in America, Ripton, WI, to be exact, as they have been since 1908.


Whether you want to buy American or save time and money, Speed Queen offers it all and more! If you’re looking for unrivaled quality for your home appliances, look no further than a Speed Queen laundry set. Need more proof? Check out The Legend Video Streams on their website, where they test Speed Queen products with the most insane loads you’ve ever seen washed.