Thanksgiving: Quick Tips to Get You Ready!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner?! Hopefully you aren’t stressing too much about it, because sometimes the holidays can be a little chaotic. Perhaps we can help your holidays run a little bit smoother with these quick tips!

Make it a shared affair

Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) is a wonderful time to get together and enjoy the company of loved ones… Oh yeah! And don’t forget about the fabulous food! Preparing the entire Thanksgiving menu may be a little overwhelming, so we suggest having each guest prepare a dish to bring and share! This could put an exciting spin on the traditional Thanksgiving menu and allow for others to share their favorite holiday recipe while taking some of the tension off the host.

Prep the day before

If you’re the host this year, you can start your prep work a day ahead! Start chopping those onions for the stuffing, brine your turkey overnight to ensure extra flavor, or even make those candied yams a day ahead because they might just taste even better the next day once they have soaked up all the sugary goodness!

Check out this Thanksgiving Candied Yam Recipe!

Recipe by Gina Fontana:

Recipe by Gina Fontana:


Add a little extra help

And don’t forget about those kitchen appliances to make your day run easier and smoother; like our Frigidaire Electric Range with Symmetry Double Oven:

 Frigidaire Double Oven


This must have double-oven preheats in just four minutes and uses exceptional precision set controls to allow for more cooking flexibility with precise results. With even baking technology you will get even baking every time without having to flip foods- which means more time spent with your guests! You can even use one oven to cook, and the other to keep the already cooked dishes warm, because a one touch button keeps the food warm until everything (or everyone) is ready to eat! Sounds pretty awesome, right?! It gets better… Did you know we offer financing on ALL of our appliances? With no credit needed, an easy application process, instant approval, and low payments you can have this stove delivered from our store to your door well before Thanksgiving. We even offer same day delivery!

Don’t forget about the fun!

Let’s not forget all we are thankful for this year. Sometimes we can let the hustle and bustle of the holidays overpower what it’s really all about. We want to help make your holiday a little less stress and a little more fun, so come on in today and let us offer you a way to get a little extra help to make this Thanksgiving a little extra special. Happy Thanksgiving Friends!


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