Used Refrigerators

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As Low as $249. 60 Day Warranty Added

Used refrigerators are some of the fastest selling appliances on our showroom floor. If your fridge is broken, don't wait another minute. We have several good models you can choose from. Refrigerator technology continues to improve and we are always working to bring you some of the latest in the industry. The major brands we carry include Frigidaire, Electrolux, GE, Maytag, Whirlpool and Kenmore. Our large refrigerators are great for large family sizes. We have commercial ones for small businesses such as restaurants and daycare centers. Many of the units we have are also energy friendly and built to last for years. We have heard several customers tell us amazing positive reviews and others come back to buy from us. Stop by our showroom and choose one from our large inventory.

No Credit Needed Payment Plan is available if interested. We are located on Parsons Avenue, Columbus OH right at the corner of Marion Road. Bring any measurements you have and we will have one of our friendly sales reps help you find what you want.

Just so you know, we also offer trade-ins on appliances. If you have a used fridge you are looking to get rid off bring it over to our store and lets look at it. We will check it out. If it's worth some money, we will offer you a deal on your new purchase.

Only $49 Down Payment

We Finance Used Fridges
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