Certified Used Appliances

At Appliance and Mattress Center, we are careful about what we sell to our customers. Old parts of appliances that need replacements are replaced with new ones and are finally tested before selling. We have a staff of experienced technicians who have worked on appliances for many years. All scratch & dent appliances undergo examining and testing before selling, and we offer a warranty on all used appliances. When you come through our doors, we want you to feel comfortable buying our appliances.  Don’t hesitate to call us with any concerns you have. We have technicians ready to answer your questions. 

Danny inspecting an appliance at our storeNo Credit Check Financing

We try to make it easy for all customers when it comes to financing. For a long time now we have been working with Progressive to offer no credit cash financing. You may also add the cost of delivery to your financing as well. Please click here to learn more.

Appliance Diagnosis and Tips

[1] If you notice your dryer isn’t drying fast enough, it could very well be a result of a blocked vent hose or in the extreme case– a defective heating element. Simply remove your vent hose and check for any blockages. If your heating element is damaged you will need to replace it, and you’re in the right spot because we sell replaceable appliance parts at our store!

[2] If your washer vibrates excessively, it does not necessarily mean it is damaged. Washers vibrate excessively when you overload them beyond capacity. Vibrations also occur when the clothes inside the washer aren’t properly balanced around the agitator (the big white plastic element in the middle of the washer that beats the dirt out of your clothes). To reduce or eliminate the vibration, avoid overloading your washer. Overloading can even break the washer belt.

[3] Although most of the appliances we carry have Energy Star approval, there are still a few things you can do to lower your appliance energy usage. This is very helpful, especially if you do a lot of laundry. For example, to speed up drying, throw a dry towel inside your dryer together with the wet clothes and watch your clothes dry faster. Using cold water for rinsing instead of hot will also help conserve energy. Also the color of your white clothes will tell you how clean your washer is. Cultivate a habit of cleaning it at least one or twice a month to help lower the energy your appliance is using. 

[4] If you need certified used appliances, Appliance and Mattress Center is the place to come! Our inventory changes quite rapidly in response to demand, so please call us or stop by our store today. We are located on 1942 Parsons Avenue, right at the corner of Marion Road. 

Check back frequently for more appliance tips.