How Lease to Own Can Give You A Fresh Start

How Lease-To-Own Can Give You A Fresh Start



Many of us fall on hard times. Whether we’re getting our start fresh out of college, student debt and all, or restarting our lives from a devastating blow to our credit, sometimes we need a break. So how can you get the household appliances you need while building or rebuilding credit? Who’s gonna give you a break.


This is where lease-to-own options can be a real asset to your financial well-being. Services like those found at Acima, Kornerstone, Progressive, and Westcreek, run a soft check on your credit—which has no impact to your score or history—but that’s not what their approval is based on. They want to see an established checking account (90 days or older), and a 3-month history of regular income (which can include disability and social security checks). Your income is your credit.


And while credit score and history don’t play a role in approval, these leasing partners do report to credit institutions like TransUnion. Thanks to the easy repayment schedule this can really help to build credit or heal a soured score.


Additionally, these credit-forgiving partners offer a 90-day purchase option which allow you to avoid leasing fees if you pay off the purchase price of your item(s) within 90 days. This can save you big bucks, especially when compared to the fees and interest rates of popular credit cards and personal loans.


If the 90-day purchase option just doesn’t work out, these leasing partners offer flexible repayment options scheduled in accordance with your ability to pay. With outstanding customer service, their representatives work with you to help you build the home you work hard for.